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Brrandom – the kingdom of Tech First Brand Solutions. The need for a next level digital 2.0 media agency  was envisioned to stay ahead of the curve understanding the paradigm shift that is coming in the field of marketing and communication with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Brrandom – the tech first approach mainly consists of AI powered graphic production possibilities along with full scale MarTech and TechStack deployment in creating highly customized brand solutions with primal focus on Business ROI and ROAS.

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Our story

Your brand is the most important asset in your company let our team of professionals help you with a good strategy. Our specialized team of researchers, strategists, designers, developers, and project managers work with streamlined processes to break through organizational roadblocks. We translate research into solutions, crafting thoughtful and unified brands.


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Avik Guha

Founder, CEO

Avik Guha, former Co-Founder of PromotEdge, which is one of the top digital advertising agencies of Eastern India, is venturing into formation of a new agency Brrandom. The need for the new agency was envisioned to stay ahead of the curve understanding the paradigm shift that is coming in the field of marketing and communication with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

PromotEdge, in a short span of 7 years, rose to the top leveraging the advent of digital marketing in India and it was the first company to seamlessly integrate the best of traditional adverting with a focus on digital communications and because of which it was the first truly integrated communication agency in this part of the country.

Now with the upcoming AI revolution, the way traditional digital agencies work will soon become obsolete just like most of the traditional mainline agencies become irrelevant in the last decade during the advent of digital marketing era. Brrandom will pioneer in path breaking digital advertising enabled by the latest in technology and ahead of the curve thought process. So we need passionate young minds to join us in this exciting journey where not only we will lead the way for others to step into this new era being the first movers in the domain; but will also focus on developing future ready young professionals who will break new barriers in the coming times

Sadhak Mandal

Founder & COO

Sadhak Mandal is an experienced digital marketing professional in multi-channel digital marketing having 15+ years of experience. He has worked with many reputed clients and organization by generating diversified strategies for fulfil the objectives through digital media. Vastly varied background with extensive experience and a proven record of success in planning, strategizing, brand management, campaign planning, project management, training, , managing digital mix, competitor analysis, In-depth account analysis. Hands on experience working with businesses from the FMCG, BFSI, Travel, Real Estate, E-commerce and SME verticals.

He has been associated with companies like Directi, Media.net, Skenzo, Resultrix, TechShu and PromotEdge. Also consulted organization like The Advertising Corporation of India, SAI Education group, Bhubaneshwar. Currently, co-founded new age digital advertising agency Brrandom.


Jeet Sanyal

Co-Founder & CTO

He is true blue communications professional having 22yrs of cross industry exposure in Brand Strategy, Media Management & Creative Story Telling having started earlier with Advertising Agencies gaining expertise in the Creative Production Process, Client Requirement Analysis and gradually heading Agency as Creative Head working to formulate Ad Campaigns along with deep understanding of Consumer Behavior and Business Economics.

Jeet is an IIM Calcutta alumnus who brings on the table, core corporate mannerism, international liaison and stakeholder management with United Nations, Ministries under GoI and strategic business understanding with experience in managing national scale advertising campaigns for brand launch, brands in decline stage, premium priced luxury brands and technologically high impact luxury brands under his belt.

Solid understanding of marketing technologies, their deployment in varied business scenarios and associated technical challenges are credited to his software engineering background from NIIT Imperia.

His association with Brrandom brings new hope in creative resource management, large scale events like Rock Concerts, Ad Films, Celebrity Endorsement and new age digital experiments on social platforms.

Overall, Jeet is a technology driven marketing professional with reputation to launch, grow & create mega brands with profitable & sustainable market leadership and implementation of innovative path-breaking initiatives.

Best brand agency with futuristic insights

I highly recommend the digital brand agency I worked with for their professionalism, creativity, and dedication to delivering outstanding results. Their customized approach, deep knowledge of digital marketing, and collaborative spirit made them a pleasure to work with. Thanks to their efforts, our business saw a significant increase in online engagement, brand awareness, and sales. If you’re looking to take your brand to the next level, I highly recommend Brrandom.

Group Head - Brand Communication

Top Indian MNC

Best performance marketers with real brand strategy level expertise

The tech first data-driven and targeted approach of Brrandom resulted in a significant increase our portals online performance. The team was communicative, responsive, and dedicated to delivering results. Working with them was a pleasure, and I have no doubt that they can benefit any business looking to improve its digital marketing.

Digital Head

Leading Ecommerce Portal of India

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