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Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Position your brand at the heart of your customer with our positioning brand strategy. The domain of marketing and advertising is constantly changing. In such an environment, brand positioning assists you in locking down a particular space where your brand identity becomes a legacy. Get an in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. Create a brand impression that becomes irreplaceable in the marketplace as well as in the consumers’ minds.
Without outside input, it is hard to see your brand as others do. You need a set of analytical, cold eyes, and that’s exactly what we provide as well as a kind disposition.
When you work with Brrandom your brand benefits from our extensive knowledge and experience. We take care of all the aspects of strategy and positioning, starting from hierarchy to audit and analysis.

  • + Brand hierarchy
  • + Brand positioning evaluation
  • + Brand guide creation
  • + Brand strategy
  • + Visual & verbal identity
  • + Brand manifesto building
  • + Audits and analysis
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Elements of Brand Positioning Strategy

“Your brand is not what you say it is, it is what they say it is.”

These words hold the essence of branding to the core. You cannot stop developing your brand once you have achieved a remarkable spot in the market. Brand positioning paves the pathway for your brand to connect with the audience in a relevant manner.
In order to establish your uniqueness, this procedure aids us in identifying product distinctiveness and niches. The positioning provides the brand with a purpose, conveys that purpose through time, and increases the value of the brand. Here, we’ve outlined the essential components of a successful market positioning strategy:

Market Research

To create a successful brand position, first, we conduct a deep research of the market. We observe where your competitors are standing, what services your customers are demanding and exactly where are you lacking. Only after having a thorough knowledge of all these, we begin constructing a brand strategy.

Brand Identity & Messaging

Our team sits with your team and finalizes the identity you want to create for your brand. We craft the logo, tagline, color palette, and everything else needed to make a compelling brand message.

Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy that is aligned with your brand message and that can resonate with your audience is very crucial. How you build up the content and strategy, is what determines how well your positioning is going to be.

Adaptation & Monitoring

Our positioning service does not end after we develop a strategy. We continue to monitor the market and evaluate the effectiveness of our positioning strategy. If the need arises, we refine and alter our approach based on the customer’s feedback.

Craft a Unique Place for Your Brand in the Market with Our Positioning Service

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Brand Strategy & Positioning Service Provider in Kolkata

The market for advertising space is very competitive. More and more businesses are joining the fray every day, all vying for a smaller and smaller slice of that market. For building a successful and memorable brand, a well-thought-out and well-executed brand strategy and positioning solution is very much required. It is not just about what services or products you offer but how you convey your value to your customers.

Brand positioning strategies, once developed, need evaluation. You wouldn’t let people fly on a brand-new jet without first putting it through its paces, would you? Brrandom will also help you with this part of the procedure. We seek and strive to establish individuality, memorability, and simplicity in a positioning approach. Contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
Strategic positioning serves several critical purposes in the marketing of brands. It helps distinguish the brand from its competitors by creating a unique identity and building a strong value proposition.
It is necessary to periodically update your brand strategy to remain relevant and competitive in a dynamic digital environment so your brand services can continue to be in demand with your audience.
A marketing plan consists of several key components. It involves a comprehensive analysis of the target market and its choices and preferences, setting clear and measurable advertising objectives, and a detailed guide on how to achieve what is aspired to.
The role of a branding agency is to assist its clients in promoting their brands and businesses through the development, execution, and monitoring of the brand strategy. Developing a brand’s name, logo, and brand architecture is all part of building a brand presence in the market.

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