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Packaging Design Services

With a marketing strategy, as your brand evolves and its sales increase, the need for eye-catching packaging also increases in demand.  As a creative design agency in Kolkata, we have a team of creative designers to create super attractive packaging designs. We offer packaging design services that can help you to gain maximum outreach for your brand.

The competition is severe in the market right now, and our expert team ensures our clients take all the leverage that can be taken in this dynamic atmosphere. Here package design is such a service that can take your brand and its product deliverance to an altogether different level.

Product Packaging Design Services List That We Offer

Packaging Design Architecture

Before proceeding with the final design, our designers make blueprints of the packaging they have in mind. The blueprint is made keeping in mind the goals and objectives of the brand campaign. Our strategists become the master architects for promoting your products in the best possible way.

Designing Addition Steps in Graphics

As the top packaging design company in Kolkata, we always try to enhance the brand image in various ways. Adding beautiful and unique graphics to your packaging designs is one such way. Our services include making the packaging more attractive and appealing by adding several other features along with what the client demands.


Our services also include designing labels, fonts, and images that will go on the packaging of the product. These are essential elements of product packaging and our agency does not let go of this aspect as well. We help our clients to capture the market with innovative and original ideas.

Make Your Product Stand Out with Our Luxury Package Design Services

We emerge as the right choice for package design solutions for companies of all sizes and with our customized, brand-specific services, we are able to grasp the market for our clients with full vitality. What differentiates us from the rest is our application of a combined effort of creativity and expertise.

Why Should You Hire Brrandom for Packaging Design Services?

Correct Approach

Our plus point is we understand the market. Our design solutions are holistic. Our designers begin from the very scratch and we delve deep into the vision of our clients. We understand what they are demanding and then we examine the strategy and process. The one that the client agrees with, we proceed with that one design.

Transparent and Comprehensive Packages

Our design packages are comprehensive, covering everything at one time. The pricing is transparent and there are no hidden charges included. We tailor-made our services according to the client’s brief and deliver what will resonate with their brand voice.

Proficiency and Skills

Our packaging designers are proficient and skilled with years of expertise and practical knowledge. We know exactly what to do and how to do it. We leverage this professional experience of our team members and take our clients to a great high.

Innovative Concepts

Our concepts are unique, innovative, and one-of-a-kind. We deliver ideas that will be out of the box. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all technique. We do research on the target demographic and finalize concepts that work best for that group.


Before finalising any company, make sure you do these things. Go through their portfolio, see the kind of works they have done,have a word with the agency so you both have the clear and same understanding of the project.

Before designing a package, our designers take the full brief from the client. We design and then send it to the client. We further modify the design as you recommend and finally deliver what the client wants.

In today’s time, for any product, there are multiple choices for a consumer. With the help of graphic designing, you can create such packaging that can immediately grab anyone’s attention. This increases the chances of repeated purchases for your product.

Definitely, we can work on this. First, we will focus on what is it that you want to change and exactly what is your vision. Then, our designers will change the design accordingly.

At Brrandom, you can get design services for various products like packages, boxes, pouches, labels, etc.