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Enhance Leads by Our Performance Marketing Services

Due to the beginning of the digital era, consumers’ browsing and purchasing patterns have undergone drastic changes. To continue to be in demand in the changing domain, businesses also need to adapt to the changes. The way businesses advertise their products and sell their services is altered to keep pace with the current marketing landscape.

Performance marketing is a crucial component of digital marketing where every rupee invested results in a measurable output. Through various types of ads, this digital marketing strategy captures the audience’s attention very effectively.

As the best performance marketing agency in Kolkata, we provide performance marketing services that can boost your brand’s leads.

Channels We Use for Performance Marketing

Display Ads

Leveraging the potential and features of display ads, we create interesting combinations of copy and images, that capture the customer’s attention very quickly. This helps in giving the brand a competitive edge.

Social Media Ads

Using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we connect the brand with the intended audience within minimal time. Through this technique, we communicate the intended brand message swiftly and smoothly.

Search Engine Marketing

We use paid ads on search engines (SEM) to make sure your brand’s website appears at the top when people search online. This makes it easier to connect with your target audience and increases the chances of more people choosing your brand.

Native Ads

We don’t limit ourselves to only Google and Facebook ads. In addition, we work on native ads and utilize these ads in such a way that they blend seamlessly through their content and visuals. Here also we maintain the consistency of the brand and engage the customer.


Using this technique, we ensure your customers keep visiting your site and purchasing your services and products. Here we target the audience who has already visited your website and based on their previous actions, we retarget them.

Affiliate Marketing

We promote the client’s products and services by using various ways through the technique of affiliate marketing. Brand reach is increased, which, in turn, impacts the brand sales.

Boost Your Brand’s Success by Our Performance Marketing Strategy

Trusted Performance Marketing Services

The development and quick acceptance of the Internet has altered the way businesses perceive their customers. Having a performing marketing agency is beneficial for the brand in many ways. It is easier to engage with the target audience and helps in building a loyal customer base. We are ready to enhance your campaign’s performance by our performance marketing services.

Why Brrandom is the Best Performance Marketing Agency in Kolkata?

Performance marketing seeks to measure and encourage actions while attributing return on investment to certain campaigns. At our agency, we gain more leverage with performance marketing since here budget-based goals are set and the customers only pay after achieving those goals.

Data-driven Processing

Performance marketing is based on data and analytics. Our PPC analysts make informed decisions depending on the researched data. We work on numbers, deliver concrete outcomes, and ensure your brand achieves the maximum positive results.

Result Oriented Optimization

Result-based optimization is the bedrock of performance marketing and our agency undertakes this principle very seriously. We work on the result and continue modifying the strategy further according to the results obtained so far. Continuous optimization is what makes our agency different from others.

More Leads & Conversions

At Brrandom, our analysts with years of experience and expertise, work to bring in more leads and conversions for your brand and its business. Our efforts do not stop until we increase your sales and your business reaches its optimal potential.

Complementing Digital Marketing Strategy

While digital marketing strategy is efficient for increasing a  brand’s digital visibility, performance marketing complements this by bringing in more leads and conversions for the business. Only promoting the brand is not enough, if leads are not coming in.

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A digital marketing agency boosts your online visibility and works on building a genuine connection with your customers. Performance marketing is a part of digital marketing strategy and it works in bringing more leads and conversions for the business.

Having an exclusive performance marketing agency onboard will give you several benefits. These are-

  • work on specific objectives
  • avoid unnecessary ad spends
  • target-based ad promotion
  • risks are lower.

Some common key metrics are- CPC, CPM, CPA, LTV, etc.

Our services encompass a vast space for ads like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more.

We measure success through key performance indicators (KPIs) that include click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), and cost per acquisition (CPA). Our team continually monitors and optimizes campaigns to maximize results.