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Social media networks are the best way to interact with your customers, promote your services, and create a strong brand awareness. It can be your gateway. The key is to know how to leverage the media. Having a social media agency accompanying you in your branding and marketing journey, ensures you take most of the benefits of the biggest communicating network of all time i.e. social media in a very effective manner. As an agency, we serve our clients exactly what is best for them keeping in mind what they need and what are their goals.

Process of Our Social Media Marketing Strategy?

We undertake the social media marketing strategy to get the best possible outcome for our clients. The process involves thorough and detailed communication from both sides. Our social media experts use creativity and technical knowledge with the client’s vision and execute something extraordinary.

Business Goal & Marketing Objectives

The primary requirement of a successful social media campaign is to have a clear vision of what are the objectives to be met and what will be the pathway to achieve the pre-defined business goals. We create the end goals with our clients.

Target Audience & Competitor Research

After finalizing the business objectives and goals, next is identifying the target audience. It becomes important to discern their age, and preferences and optimize the social media campaign accordingly. Moreover, a detailed competitor analysis is also a priority task. Before embarking on a social media journey, studying others’ campaigns is a way to understand what is working in the market and what is not. We plan and create a target audience and do competitor research effectively.

Right Channels & Content Strategy

Choosing the right social media channels is a crucial part of our social media marketing service. The channels most used by the target demography are the best way to promote your products and services. For this, we make a well-thought-out content strategy that ensures continuous workflow.

Evaluation and Adjustment to Marketing Plan

Merely starting a social media marketing plan is not enough. Keeping in the loop with the market trends and updating the ongoing campaign according to that is what makes it better. Our social media analysts make necessary changes and modify those until the desired goals are met.

Reach to Your Potential Audiences by Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services What We Offer

Social media is vast and extensive and using it in the right way, the correct audience can be targeted at the correct time. As a social media marketing agency we have years of experience in the field. We blend creativity with connectivity and compel your customers, increase the engagement rate, and attempt to build a distinct identity for your brand and business. Our services are comprehensive and inclusive and we tailor strategies to cater to the diverse needs of potential customers.

Planning Monthly Social Calendar

Creating a social calendar for the whole month beforehand always comes in handy. It helps in guiding the team as to what will be the future action. Being systematic and planned ensures no important date is forgotten and it helps in building a brand image.

Ad Copy and Content Development

Interesting and eye-catching creatives are the mediums to garner attention over social media. We make catchy ad copies that will bind your audience and convert them into successful leads. Developing relatable and trendy content is another way to transform your target audience into potential customers.

Branding and Brand Awareness

Presenting a unified brand message across all platforms creates a good brand image in front of your audience. As social media experts, we take that headache. We highlight your unique values and position your brand as a standalone in the market.

Run Targeted Campaigns

Among the various available options, we help our client target proper ads to the right audience so the campaign can garner maximum return on the investment made. Based on the customer behavior, the ads are placed to gain maximum reach and the optimal usage of the budget.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Having a social media agency onboard helps in maintaining an overall brand image to your audience. Replying to the audience’s queries and comments, responding to the mentions across various platforms, etc. all are parts of the online reputation management process. Our social media executives have the required experience to handle ORM.

Report Creation

A month-end report is beneficial for tracking all the efforts made throughout the month. Where the campaign acted best and where it did not get the expected response, is searched through the report. We create simple and effective reports so your work becomes easier.

Why We Are Different from Others as a Social Media Marketing Agency in Kolkata?

  • We have expertise in various industries to create strategies for different social media.
  • We create content that helps to connect with the target audience.
  • We have a solid background record as a social media marketing agency.
  • We use advanced tools and resources for data & audience analysis.
  • We always check the latest trends and create strategies accordingly.
  • We create effective strategies through deep competitor analysis.
  • We create transparent reporting and do clear communication.
  • We have a dedicated team for continuous monitoring.

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From partnering with an exclusive agency for social media marketing purposes, you can expect more reach, more engagement, more visibility, better conversions, and more brand awareness.

Social media is a vast place holding a large number of customers. Hence, creating brand awareness and optimizing the marketing campaign to get better results, becomes easier. So, the chances of a better ROI increases.

As a social media marketing agency we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions like social media monthly calendar planning, social media posting, content development, account setup, campaign optimization, tracking and analyzing, report making, etc.

We measure the success rate through various metrics like clicks, engagement rate, reach, leads, and conversions. Regular reports keep everyone in the loop with the gradual development.

Brrandom is a tech-first digital marketing company. Our team members are always learning, they read, do research, and attend various workshops and make sure to incorporate all the knowledge to build strategies that will keep your brand at the forefront.