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What is a Good Way to Grow Your Social Media Following or Engagement Quickly?

how to increase social media engagement organically

In March this year Britannia gained around 10+ million reach on social media and close to 25K increase in followers after they launched a viral social media campaign to promote their product, ‘Britannia Treat Croissant’. Through an unique and innovative idea of providing a one-day internship opportunity with a stipend of 3 lakh to a single person (possessing some interesting skills, as mentioned) who would pronounce the word “croissant” correctly, the brand witnessed a surge in entries with over 90K participation. The result was reflected in around 50K comments and 1 Crore worth of organic media coverage. (source: https://www.socialsamosa.com/indian-social-media-case-studies/case-study-britannia-ugc-campaign-4445816 )

This example clearly demonstrates the role of social media engagement in brand recalling. Standing in 2024, leveraging the various social media platforms has become even more important. Here are some essential tips for growing your social media following and engagement with quick and prominent outcomes.

5 Tips to Increase Engagement

  • 1. Unique, Relevant & Trending Content

    Relevant and unique content is the answer as to how to improve social media engagement for a company. For any brand and business, content is the way to grab a customer’s attention. Whether the customer will return to the social media of the brand or not depends on how well the content is presented and communicated to the audience.

    Moreover, to be a top leader of the niche, one needs to be always updated with the latest trends and build up new content based on that information. Focusing more on what the audience is looking for, will help in garnering more views and reach.

  • 2. Regular Presence Over Internet

    Once the content bucket is finalized, the rule is to upload them one by one in the social media page. From a brand’s perspective, more important is to highlight how their products and services can be beneficial for the customer and how the brand will solve their problems. However, one needs to be careful so they do not overwhelm the audience with too many posts a day. In regular intervals, posts should be uploaded over the social media page, around 3-4 posts a day. Sharing and re-sharing over the story and leveraging the reels option for platforms like Instagram, will facilitate the brand and add up to higher engagement rate.

  • 3. Constant Interaction

    Another way to increase social media engagement on instagram and other platforms is more interaction with similar brands and businesses. When a brand comments or likes another page’s posts and videos, it increases their own visibility by showing their page as a recommendation to other potential customers. By regularly interacting with similar pages and brands, one can create an organic and real impression on the target base of customers.

  • 4. Engage with the Audience

    One essential element of how to increase social media engagement organically is to engage with the audience on a daily basis. Liking their comments, replying to their queries, responding through direct messages – these are some means to engage with the audience. Using various platform specific features such as putting up stories, adding thought, sharing some news based on company’s values etc. will help in communicating the brand’s vision and mission to their customers in an effective way.

  • 5. Analyzing the Interest of Audience

    Analyzing the audience interest is the best answer to how to build a social media following from scratch. Using different analytics tools and AI, one can go to the very depth of customer engagement. Which post is most liked or shared, which gets the least number of interactions, what the audience is commenting on – through these techniques the brand can understand in detail, whether the requirements of the customers are being fulfilled or not. Depending on what the audience is asking for more, future content should be developed.

Using these tips, a brand or a business can transform their social media image drastically. Prioritize meaningful interactions, focus on creating content that highlights how the brand solves customer issues and the end result will be shocking.


To increase social media following very quickly, a brand needs to work on the overall strategy. Relevant content, constant presence over social media, collaborating with niche influencers, creating viral campaigns etc. – these are some of the points by which one can increase their engagement.

In social media marketing, engagement means how often the audience is interacting with the brand. This can be measured through the rate and number of comments, hashtags, likes, shares etc.

Many real examples can clearly show how social media engagement has changed their brand image. This is a powerful way to create brand consciousness, generate active recalling and increase their overall engagement rate.

With time, more and more people are joining the queue of social media. It takes much less time to reach a wider audience through this medium – and also with minimal budget and resources. So it just makes sense to invest in social media for any brand for a successful outcome.

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Digital Marketing,social media 18 Jun 2024