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Get an Excellent Visual Exposure from Our Video Production Services

Standing in today’s time, building a brand, and giving it a personality is imperative for business growth. To win over people’s hearts and make a separate place in their minds, the most useful way is through videos. Videos are engaging, so people tend to give more time and attention to them. As a video production agency in Kolkata, we focus on producing videos with video editing that resonate well with the target audience of our clients.

We provide quality corporate video production services at a reasonable cost. We also provide video production services for Ad film-making and marketing.

Why Hire Brrandom as a Video Production Company?

At Brrandom, we have the advantage of having experts and specialists with video producing experience onboard. We delve deep into your brand history and the message you want to convey through the intended video, we make detailed plans and discuss the same with the clients. After the proposed modifications are noted and fixed, our creative team begins to make the video based on the final guidelines. We focus on turning the video into the main communication for your brand.

Maintain a Relationship with the Client

Through walkthrough videos, our expert video makers highlight company culture and various facilities your business offers. When client knows exactly what they will be getting, they feel relieved to hire the agency. Maintaining a clear relationship with your customers will always be beneficial for sales.

Increase the Brand Credibility

In this cut-throat landscape, standing apart and getting quality video-making and editing companies can be stressful. When you succeed in producing a video with a certain message, your audience believes in your credibility. Building credibility is what takes you ahead in the long race.

Best Quality Video

At Brrandom, we have the best team of creativity and technical experts who take extra care in making every video and Ad film with utmost precision. We keep the core message clear and concise.

Create Story of Your Brand with Creative Video Production

Video Production Services List That We Offer

We are the top video production company in Kolkata. Our video-making services encompass a variety of services that serve a vast array of purposes for our clientele. Our expert team undertakes a very detailed and well-thought-out procedure to give shape to our client’s vision.

TV & Digital Commercials

A brilliant way to capture your audience’s attention for a long time is through TV commercials. They are easy to promote and our creative minds put extra effort into making them more persuasive. Comparatively, commercials are cheaper, and we advise our clients to take leverage of this.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are the best way to highlight your office culture and showcase your brand values and much more. Our agency works on covering all your important events, making visual representations of your workspace, and many other things.

Animated Films

Rather than telling the public about what you do, it is always more beneficial to show them what you do. Making engaging and informative animated films with lucid explanations is a great way to attract your potential customers.

AR VR Content

With the application of augmented and virtual reality, our developers and video makers build an immersive experience for your customers. We utilize the latest advancements in technology and enrich the final product with creativity.

3D Modelling & Walkthrough

Using the unprecedented growth of technological advancement, businesses and brands have gained an upper hand in their sales. Our team uses 3D techniques to give your audience a much-needed realistic feel of your services and make it easier for them to come to a decision.

Professional Video Editing Services

Our services do not end with producing videos. We also provide professional video editing services. Our team of video editing experts collaborates with our clients and completes the videos with attractive editing and finishing touches.


Our services include a wide variety of videos, like corporate ad films, explainer videos, walkthroughs, and many more.

Video is a brilliant medium to engage potential customers in your services and products and hook them into buying. It can be made interesting, trendy, and extremely successful if done properly.

Our team handles all aspects of video production, from ideation and scriptwriting to filming, editing, and post-production. We collaborate closely with the client to create captivating videos that realize their vision.

The turnaround time depends primarily on the size of the project and its objectives. At the very beginning of the meeting, we provide a tentative date and as work progresses, the time may change.

Our dedication and commitment to originality and creativity make us different from the rest. We blend technology with ideation and create something unique and engaging.