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How to Target Multiple Cities for SEO

seo for multiple locations

SEO has become an important part of the marketing strategy and brand building. Are you a business owner and wants to target customers of multiple cities with SEO and get best possible outcomes but failing to do so? Well, you have come to the right place then. Being the best SEO Company in Kolkata, we are going to learn how one can target more than one city with SEO and get prominent results. Building a concrete strategy for this requires a deep understanding of the brand and the SEO principles.

Read more to learn how to optimize SEO for multiple cities.

Why Do You Need SEO for Multiple Locations

Using local SEO for targeting multiple locations at a time, can actually be beneficial for the brand, but only when done correctly. To understand what can be the advantages, continue reading below.

  • Enhances online visibility in local searches
  • Increases website traffic organically from different locations
  • Generates more leads and conversion in multiple cities
  • Incresing more brand awareness in multiple locations

How to Target Multiple Locations with SEO

Now that the advantages are taken care of, the next step is to know how to exactly do SEO for location pages. Here is detailed information on how to target multiple locations for SEO.

  • Dedicated Landing Pages

    Having the same page with various locations, will not help in ranking the website in a higher position. Just changing the city name, and some little details here and there, will not give Google the impression that the intent is targeting the same site for different locations. Therefore, ensure having different landing pages for each targeted city with specific city names in the title tag, meta description, so targeting multiple cities becomes effective.

  • Unique Content

    Having the same content in all the landing pages only because the services are the same, is not a clever decision for effective location SEO. Hence, every brand should make pages with distinct keywords specific to the city or town. Research about the place and provide local details so the customers can rely on the services without any further worry.

  • Localized Keywords

    Keywords vary according to the target locality. Using location specific keywords will ensure the site gets properly optimized for the target city. Include the researched keywords in the website content, meta tags, headers etc. to get the best possible outcome for local SEO.

  • Backlinks for Each Location

    Creating relevant backlinks from strong local sources increases the credibility and authority of the brand. Associating with local businesses ensures the website gets significant referral traffic and has a good rank in local searches, driving potential customers to the site. Building strong backlinks also complements other local SEO efforts, such as local citations and on-page optimization and helps create a robust online presence across multiple locations, improving overall brand visibility and attracting more local customers.

  • Google Business Profile

    For a successful multiple location SEO outcome, Google Business Profile is a very easy but effective element. Google prefers to provide the most relevant and concrete information to the online search. Registering the business in Google means providing Google all the information about the brand such as what are the services given by the brand, what is the working hour and how can any potential customer contact them etc. These details help Google in verifying the business and Google refers to the site for authentic information.

  • Local Citation

    Besides Google Business Profile, listing on other business directories such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing – help Google in highlighting relevant information to the potential audience. Besides this, listing business information on prominent data aggregator sides also ensures your business acquires relevant authority.

  • Internal Linking

    Through linking various website pages internally, one can complement the external linkages as well. Internal linking helps Google in understanding what are the important pages of the website and accordingly Google drives the customers there. This practice organizes the website architecture and makes navigation smoother and helps in SEO for multiple locations.

  • Review

    For a successful brand, feedback is most important metrics for each location. Consumer feedback is essential for local search engine optimisation and has a big impact on a company’s web reputation. Brands have to collect reviews from the clients for each location page on different different business listing websites.


Ranking brands for multiple cities with proper SEO strategy can be difficult but with the right method and proper knowledge, this can be done with a successful outcome. Following these above-mentioned points, any brand can outsmart the challenges of multiple location SEO.

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For ranking multiple locations in SEO, one needs to follow some basic rules. Such as unique and relevant content, different landing pages for each location, using localized keywords, strong backlinks, interlinking the pages etc. are some effective ways to target multiple cities with local SEO.

Main goal behind local SEO is gaining more local customers and getting more results from local search.

Backlinks are an important part of local SEO. Backlinks provide authority and credibility for local results.

Definitely not. Using the same content for targeting different locations even though the brand is the same, is a dangerous idea. This gives Google the idea that the content may be duplicated and the rank drops down. Hence, it is advisable to use unique content.

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18 Jun 2024